02 February 2023

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Welcome to Oak Leaf Education Pty Ltd trading as Oak Leaf Education Institute (OAK LEAF), an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 45942, CRICOS Provider Code: 04081F) located in Melbourne, Victoria.


OAK LEAF is a professional institute delivering an open and honest communication environment whilst achieving higher-than-average industry standards. We believe in the importance of leading and educating the workforce of tomorrow, and empowering businesses to secure, manage and develop human potential.


The reason why we choose ‘OAK LEAF’ as the institute name is that there used to be an oak tree in my backyard. It came to my attention that oak leaves are among the last to fall during winter, they turn golden slowly, biding their time, toughing out the weather. Hence, apart from students having far greater skills and abilities than they are generally given credit for and with the support and guidance of our staff, our philosophy is that based on oak leaves we also teach our students with ‘strengthen, independent, diligent, motivated’.


Here, it gives me great pleasure to know that you have chosen to study with us and benefit from the quality training programs at OAK LEAF. Full of enthusiasm and confidence, OAK LEAF will work with you and help you fulfil your goals in professional development and future higher education specialising in Commercial Cookery, Kitchen Management, and Hospitality Management. The courses offered at OAK LEAF are designed and delivered around the real needs of our students.


We understand that your decision to study with OAK LEAF is a very important step, either to build a successful career as a professional; working in the professional area of your choosing, or as a step to further academic achievement. OAK LEAF is committed to providing you with high-quality education and support services to ensure that all will meet your expectations.


Once again, we welcome you to the OAK LEAF. We hope that you will enjoy your learning journey with us.



Sincerely Yours,

Jimmy Wang