About Oak Leaf


01. Quality

We pride ourselves on the academic rigour of our courses. Learning from approachable trainers, they will work closely with you on assessments and work-based training.

02. Study Flexibility

Vary your study load to suit your commitments without compromising your education progress.

03. Affordable Tuition

We have affordable tuition fees that would suit your needs. The payment plan is available.

04. Industry Accredited

Our courses are reviewed, accredited, and endorsed by relevant professionals and internal/external assessment bodies.

05. Career Relevant

Our courses are reviewed by internal/external industry experts to ensure they remain relevant in the field.

06. Our Vision

OAK LEAF aims to build respected members of society through a flexible education approach that meets the needs of both domestic and international students for success in the workplace, striving for continuous innovation and improvement.

Doing the right course, at the right time.